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Young Playwrights 101 A free resource site for young playwrights and those who teach them, including information about Young Playwrights 101, Jonathan Dorf’s book that guides young writers (and their teachers) step-by-step through the playwriting process, a massive resource site for those interested in producing theatre at schools, colleges, community and professional theatres.

4 A.M., the hit one-act (non-musical) play for teens by Jonathan Dorf, about a group of teen characters all awake and searching for connection in the magic hour.

4 A.M.
, the new full-length musical, book by Jonathan Dorf, music and lyrics by Alison Wood. Based on the one-act play of the same name.

Rumors of Polar Bears, the play by Jonathan Dorf, available as both a one-act and a full-length, in which a group of teens living in the aftermath of a climate change cataclysm try to survive and find something better.

Run Like the Dickens, or Tiny Tim Runs the Marathon , is an off the wall full-length comedy suitable for production for middle school through professional groups. Tiny Tim throwing down his crutch and preparing to run the marathon, "Inspirational figure" Oliver Twist as burned-out pitchman for juicers and cereal, a trio of homicidal fairy tale princesses and corporate schemers make for mayhem.

High School (non) Musical, the hit parody of the Disney sensation. Ideal for high schools and middle schools, youth theatres and community theatres.



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